1. We’re sure you’ve seen an earth globe but have you ever seen a moon globe? This was released in 1969 after the Apollo 11 mission. Its for sale! #vintage #moon #lunar #apollo11 #crookedmast

  2. Intriguing tintype photograph of a performer holding a deck of cards and with cards pinned to her dress. Very possibly a magician? #antique #vintage #crookedmast

  3. Amongst the lot of oddfellows goods we just posted is also an impressive collection of Rebekahs pieces

  4. Recently purchased a large collection of oddfellows stuff. 1880s to 2000s. Will post more as we sort it all out.

  5. We’ve been major slackers about posting stuff lately! Heres some vintage medical goodies. Pelton & Crane sterilizer/autoclave and a wappler transformer for cauterizing wounds. For sale.

  6. Still have a few open spots this week and several next week. If you dont have ideas I have plenty of designs waiting for skin!

  7. Picked up these two handsome fellas today. They were sold at auction as two dik diks but im quite certain that the fella on the right is a duicker and the left is an oribi. Either way theyre some form of African dwarf antelope. Planning to list on ebay but would sell the two together for a quick $400 if anyone is interested. If you can figure out the exact species of duicker there could be a lot of money to be made. #taxidermy #duicker #oribi #crookedmast

  8. Picked up this fairly large buddhist thanka last night. Anyone interested in a quick sale? $60 and its yours #vintage #thanka #thangka #buddhist #crookedmast

  9. Two size and box variations of the same ouija board design. @calvinvoncrush I assume you likely have these already? #vintage #ouija #crookedmast

  10. Messed around the other night with a really cheap woodburner on this pencil box. Then the dog chewed on it. Still looks sort of cool. #art #pyrography